Van Gogh Death Mystery

Van Gogh Self Portrait

A new book has come out this week claiming that Van Gogh did not commit suicide but was in fact murdered by a teenage boy. The biography by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith claim that Van Gogh was covering up for the boy who shot him.

The curator of the Van Gogh museum, Leo Jansen, claimed that their book ‘Van Gogh, A Life’, ” is a great book.” But experts “cannot yet agree” with their conclusions about the artist’s death.

Now in case you’re wondering why Van Gogh would cover up for his murderer (supposedly it was a 16 year old boy called Rene Secretan, who had a history of tormenting the troubled painter) the 2 authors claim it was “because Vincent welcomed death”.

This is not exactly the most convincing argument I’ve ever heard, however if you’re interested in finding out more you can always buy the 900+ page book.

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Van Gogh Almond branches

Van Gogh's Almond Branches, an Art Reproduction by Fabulous Masterpieces


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