Create your own Van Gogh painting!

Van Gogh Almond Branches

As you know, here at Fabulous Masterpieces we specialise in hand painting fine art reproductions of your favourite oil painting onto canvas. However, have you ever thought about changing the colours or style of  a painting to suit your taste and thereby creating something quite unique?

The above painting is Van Gogh’s well known painting, Almond Blossom, painted in 1890.  Now take a look at some alternatives that our customers have commissioned below.


Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom with a brown background

van gogh almond blossom
Almond Blossom by Fabulous Masterpieces. Oil on canvas.

Our oil painting of Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom as you can see, has now been painted with a brown background and looks like a completely different painting. If you wanted an oil painting  that is unique to your own personal taste then the choices really are limitless.

Almond Blossom – Brown with purple blossoms

Van Gogh Almond Blossom

One customer, chose to have her Almond Blossom painted mauve with a brown background. It really all depends on your personal taste!

Perhaps you would prefer your Van Gogh with a  more striking purple background?

Almond Blossom Van Gogh

This version of Almond Blossom is my favourite version by far but then again purple is one of my favourite colours so it would be. Anyway I hope this shows you all a few of the possibilities that you could have when commissioning an oil painting with us. It doesn’t cost anything extra either!

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Who are we?

art reproduction

We’re a fine art reproduction company called Fabulous Masterpieces that solely concentrates on painting museum quality art reproductions onto canvas. We’ve even produced a magazine on the topic to help you out if you want to learn more about fine art copies. Just click on the image above.

Bye for now!

Anna X

4 responses to “Create your own Van Gogh painting!”

  1. Mike Thornton says:

    How does one purchase your paintings? The Van Gogh Almond Branches on brown background oil on canvas? I need price and way to order the painting.

  2. Katerina says:

    I’ d like to own the Van Gogh Almond Branches on brown background oil on canvas. I live in Greece. Do you have a representative in my country? If not, is it possible to buy it from you? If yes what is the cost (price and delivery) for a reproduction about 1.20 X 0.80.

  3. Hi Katerina, yes of course we could paint you Van Gogh’s Almond Branches on a brown background. The price for a 80cm x 120cm oil on canvas reproduction painting would cost 495 Euros, which includes delivery to Greece.

    If you have any further questions please do let me know.

    Best wishes

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