Harry Colt

Henry Shapland “Harry” Colt was a golf course architect born in Highgate, England.

Interestingly, we at Fabulous Masterpieces have been asked to paint different Harry Colt portraits, numerous times by different golf clubs.

Take a look at some of our favourite Harry Colt paintings.


1. Harry Colt Portrait

This Harry Colt portrait was painted for Wentworth Golf and Country Club, which was founded in 1922 and is located in Surrey.  The oil painting is based on an old black and white photo.

harry colt golf architect

Harry Colt Portrait painted in colour. Harry colt golf Architect portrit


2. Harry Colt Portrait

harry colt golf course architect

This oil portrait of Harry Colt was painted for Betchworth Park Golf Club. Betchworth Park Golf Club was celebrating its Centenary and to mark the occasion, following the Club’s AGM in March, an oil portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces of the course designer, Harry Colt, was presented to the Club by Barry Thomson, a Club Director.

Again, this portrait of Harry Colt was based on an old black and white image.


3. And This is Not Harry Colt… (A funny story)

This is a funny story. We were asked by a golf club to paint a portrait of Harry Colt. They provided us with the black and white image below, telling us that this was renowned golf architect Harry Colt. So we painted the oil portrait in colour, which we were commissioned to do. However, we later found out that they had made a mistake and that this is not Harry Colt. Nope I repeat this is not Harry Colt.  What is now funny but at the same time extremely vexing is that some other golf clubs have taken our portrait of Harry Colt and put it on their websites without our consent, claiming that it is Harry Colt. If they had bothered to contact us and not stolen our image then they would know the truth.  Just do a Google image search on Harry Colt and you will see who the culprits are.

this is not harry colt this is not harry colt

Remember, this portrait above is not Harry Colt, despite this image appearing on Golf websites.


Would you like an oil portrait painted of Harry Colt?

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