Portraits Based on Old Black and White Photos

Harry Colt’s Oil Portrait for Betchworth Park Golf Club

Betchworth Park Golf Club is celebrating its Centenary this year. To mark the occasion, following the Club’s AGM in March, an oil portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces of the course designer, Harry Colt, was presented to the Club by Barry Thomson, a Club Director.

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The oil portrait was based on an old black & white photograph (shown below) and our artist was asked to paint a realist-style oil portrait in colour using this photograph as inspiration.

Harry Colt

The Finished Result

Portraits Based on Photos

A distinguished oil painting of Harry Colt by Fabulous Masterpieces

The artist used premium Winsor & Newton oils and expertly painted Harry Colt onto a high quality duck-cotton canvas. The oil painting took 3 weeks to paint and needed a further 2-3 weeks to dry before it could be delivered for its presentation.

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