Turner’s Campo Vaccino Sold for £29 Million

Turner’s Campo Vaccino Sold for £29 Million!

A while ago I wrote a post on Turner’s Campo Vaccino, which was estimated to sell between £12 – 18 Million at Sotheby’s London! Well the results are now in!

A top American museum, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, bought Turner’s Campo Vaccino (Modern Rome) for a record auction price for the artist for £29,7 Million!

Turner Campo Vaccino

Turner’s Campo Vaccino Sold for £29 Million

This beautiful painting had been on loan to the National Galleries of Scotland and on public view for the past thirty years.

David Moore-Gwyn, deputy chairman of Sotheby’s said  the “breathtaking” work showed Turner at his best. He added: “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to which the world’s collectors responded”.

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Turner’s Campo Vaccino Estimated to reach £12 – £18 Million!

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