Stubbs painting going to fetch £15 Million at Auction

Stubbs’ Brood Mares and Foals expected to fetch £15 Million at Auction

Stubbs’ painting entitled: Brood Mares and Foals will go under the hammer at Sotheby’s London on December 8th where it is expected to fetch between 10 – 15 Million Pounds!

Stubbs - Brood Mares and Foal

Stubbs - Brood Mares and Foal

Painted in 1767 it has never before gone up for auction. The current record for one of Stubbs’ paintings, which has stood for 15 years is his portrait of The Royal Tiger. That painting was bought for £3.2 Million.

If you want to view the painting in the flesh, you can actually go and see Brood Mares and Foals at Sotheby’s London on 3rd December.

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