Sir Walter Raleigh Portrait – Our fine art replica painting

Sir Walter Raleigh Portrait

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Today I thought I’d show you a wonderful fine art replica painting that we painted of Sir Walter Raleigh. Sir Walter Raleigh was a favourite of Elizabeth I and was knighted in 1585.  In 1591, he secretly married Elizabeth Throckmorton, without the Queen’s consent and was sent to the Tower of the London as punishment.  After Queen Elizabeth died in 1603, Raleigh was again imprisoned in the Tower, this time for being involved in a plot against King James I.

Poor Sir Walter Raleigh did not have an easy time of it, he was executed (beheaded) in the Old Palace Yard at the Palace of Westminster on 29 October 1618.

The Sir Walter Raleigh Portrait

I hope you agree, that when compared to the original portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh, our fine art replica painting is a pretty good likeness.

sir walter raleigh painting Sir Walter Raleigh Portrait

                         Original                                                                Fine Art Replica Painting

Portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh inscribed right: Aetatis suae 34 An(no) 1588 (“In the year 1588 of his age 34”) and left: with his motto Amore et Virtute (“By Love and Virtue”).  The original portrait is in The National Gallery, London.

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