Schiele’s Hauser mit Bunter Wasche to fetch £30 Million

Egon Schiele

Sotheby’s will be selling Egon Schiele’s Hauser mit Bunter Wasche (Vorstadt II) on June 22nd, 2011 in London, where it is estimated to fetch £30 Million!  Hauser mit Bunter Wasche (translated as Houses with Colourful Laundry, “Suburb” II) was painted at the height of Schiele’s career in 1914. He died just 4 years later at the age of only 28.

It’s not just the price tag or the mastery of this impressive cityscape that makes this painting newsworthy but rather once this painting is sold, it will finally settle an ongoing dispute over art stolen by the Nazis. The Leopold Museum, in Vienna, is selling Hauser mit Bunter Wasche in order to pay for a $19 million ( £11.52 million) settlement to the heirs of the late Jewish collector and dealer Lea Bondi Jaray. The settlement, which was reached last year, allows the museum to keep the disputed Portrait of Wally, a favourite of the museum.

Sotheby’s, Helena Newman, Chairwoman of Impressionist & Modern Art,said: “We are thrilled to be offering this masterpiece of 20th-century art in our June sale. Its richness of colouration achieves a transcendental intensity that epitomises Schiele’s unique contribution to the development of 20th-century art. The painting is unquestionably one of the greatest Schiele oils ever to come to the market…”

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