Anthony van Dyck – Charles I, King of England, From Three Angles

Van Dyck Charles I, King of England from Three Angles

I realise I’m biased, but I think this reproduction oil painting of Van Dyck’s Charles I, King of England from Three Angles is one of the best Fabulous Masterpieces has done. It’s framed in a hand gilded gold leaf frame and was painted for a period homeowner living in North London.  He actually had this Van Dyck reproduction oil painting commissioned for his wife as a surprise!

Below, Tim Bertram, one of the directors of Fabulous masterpieces talks about it.

A bit about Van Dyck

Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599 – 1641) was a Flemish Baroque Artist who became the leading court painter at the court of Charles I of England. Unsurprisingly therefore he is most renowned for his portraits of King Charles I and his family. (Altogether van Dyck has been estimated to have painted forty portraits of King Charles I).  Charles I was a passionate art collector and saw art as a way of promoting his grandiose view of the monarchy. As you can see from the reproduction oil painting of Van Dyck’s Charles I from Three Angles, van Dyck painted many portraits of men, notably Charles I and himself, with the short, pointed beards then in fashion; consequently this particular kind of beard was much later (probably first in America in the 19th century) named as a vandyke. To see the van Dyke online gallery, please click here.

To visit the Fabulous Masterpieces van Dyck reproduction oil paintings gallery, please click on this link.

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