Reproduction Art Deco

Fabulous Masterpieces has just finished painting this beautiful reproduction Art Deco oil painting for a client who owns an Art Deco home. The artist worked from an old Art Deco print and changed the background and other aspects of the print to produce a new Art Deco oil painting.

Reproduction art deco

Art Deco Oil Painting by Fabulous Masterpieces

As all Fabulous Masterpieces’ artwork is made-to measure, the client was able to choose specific dimensions to suit his wall space and this Art Deco painting was custom-made to measure 3 metres by 2 metres. This isn’t the only reproduction Art Deco oil painting we’ve recently painted.

This reproduction Art Deco painting entitled Relais is actually very popular and we’ve now hand-painted a number of fine art reproductions of it.

Art Deco Paintings

Relais by Fabulous Masterpieces - Art Deco

All of Fabulous Masterpieces reproduction Art Deco paintings are hand-painted in oils onto canvas. They are not Giclee prints or done by machine but are all hand-painted by professional artists.

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