Portraits from Photos

Would you like one of our portrait artists to paint you a portrait from a photo?

portraits from photos portrait from photo

This oil painting of this beautiful ballerina was hand painted by Sam Banks and was based on the photo provided. All of our oil portraits from photos are hand painted with premium Winsor & Newton oils onto canvas.

The whole process takes about 5 – 6 weeks from commissioning your oil portrait to receiving it.  We do offer a framing service  too should you require it.

For more information please see How to commission a Portrait with Fabulous Masterpieces

If you are thinking of commissioning an oil portrait from a photo with us please try to make sure your photo is high-resolution and clear. We can of course work with old faded photos but since we can only paint what we see the clearer your photos are the better.


Who are we?

art reproduction

We’re a fine art reproduction company called Fabulous Masterpieces that solely concentrates on painting oil portraits based on photos and museum quality art reproductions onto canvas. We’ve even produced a magazine on the topic to help you out if you want to learn more about fine art copies. Just click on the image above.

Do you have a question?

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