Paul Signac’s Golfe Juan

signac golfe juan

This is Fabulous Masterpieces‘ hand painted fine art reproduction oil painting of Signac’s Golfe Juan. Golfe Juan is a seaside resort on France’s Côte d’Azur.

Paul Signac painted in a Pointillist style and  helped establish the Salon des Independents.  This painting gives us a glimpse of  a beautiful day with sailboats on the water, its colourful yet relaxing at the same time. Signac loved painting water and sailing and his paintings  are mainly of the French coast; St. Tropez, Cherbourg, Marseille, Nice, and La Rochelle.

As you can image Paul Signac’s Golfe Juan took  a while for us to paint due to the Pointillist technique. It is a beautiful painting and would breathe a sense of calm into any home.

Fabulous Masterpieces also offers a framing service and here is our art reproduction of Signac’s Golfe Juan beautifully framed.

signac golfe juan

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