Ordination by Nicolas Poussin goes up for £20 Million

Poussin’s Ordination is making headlines this week as it’s expected to sell at Christie’s for £20 Million when it goes under the hammer on December 7th 2010.  Christie’s will obviously be hoping for a repeat of last year’s Old Masters sale when a Raphael drawing sold for a staggering $47.9 Milliion dollars and a Self-portrait by Rembrandt sold for $33 Million.  The Rembrandt was actually snagged by casino mogul, Steve Wynn.

Poussin's Ordination

Poussin's Ordination

Why all the fuss?

Ordination painted in the 1630’s is actually part of a set of Poussin’s 7 Sacraments. And as part of a set, the selling off of “Ordination” is seen as diminishing the impact of the series by quite a few people. However, of the set of seven “Penance” was already destroyed in a fire, “Baptism” is in the National Gallery of Art in Washington and the other 5 are actually on loan to our very own National Gallery in London.

Speaking about Poussin….

We’ve actually just finished painting a fine art reproduction of Poussin’s The Arcadian Shepherds.  The original is in The Louvre.  If you like Poussin and would love to order a fine art reproduction of any of his paintings, please contact us via email on: [email protected] or call us on 020 8 354 9280

Poussin - The Arcadian Shepherds

Poussin - The Arcadian Shepherds by Fabulous Masterpieces. Hand-painted in oils onto canvas.

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