New Bruegel found in Spain

The Wine of Saint Martin’s Day by Bruegel the Elder

An unknown Bruegel masterpiece has recently been discovered in Spain.  Owners had brought the painting to Prado art restorers for restoration work when the restorer  discovered Bruegel’s signature. As they are only 40 Bruegel’s in the world, the discovery has created quite a stir in the art world. It’s also one of the largest Bruegel paintings measuring 148 cm x 271.5 cm! The Prado Museum has reportedly been negotiating to buy the painting offering up to 7 Million Euros for it.  Although, the market value of the painting is estimated at 25 million Euros.

Bruegel -The Wine of Saint Martin's Day

Bruegel - The Wine of Saint Martin's Day. Photo courtesy of Reuters

The painting by Bruegel the Elder (1525 -69), entitled The Wine of Saint Martin’s Day shows people celebrating the tasting of the first wine of the season at the festival of San Martin in the Netherlands.  Bruegel is renowned for his peasant and landscape scenes and is one of the greatest 16th century old masters.

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Bruegel Netherlandish Proverbs by Fabulous Masterpieces

Bruegel Netherlandish Proverbs by Fabulous Masterpieces. Hand painted art reproduction painted onto canvas.

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