Monet’s Argenteuil

Monet's Bridge at Argenteuil

Monet's Painting of The Bridge at Argenteuil

Ever since we decided to go to Paris for the weekend, I started nagging my husband to stop over in Argenteuil. You see, we’ve hand-painted quite a lot of art reproductions of Monet’s Bridge at Argenteuil then there’s Renoir’s painting of  Claude Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteuil, 1873 and Renoir’s painting entitled: The Bridge of Argenteuil in Autumn to name but a few.

Monet’s Argenteuil is Beautiful!

Monet Bridge at Argenteuil

Monet's Bridge at Argenteuil, 1874

I started to get a bit concerned when I looked through Paris guide books and could not find one mention of Argenteuil, thought that was a tad strange but it didn’t put me off. The Impressionist paintings made Argenteuil look so beautiful that I just had to see it.

The Reality


Argenteuil, 2012

Whist Impressionist painters, such as Claude Monet, Manet and Renoir helped to make Argenteuil famous, the reality is that it’s really not worth taking the trip to see Argenteuil, there’s nothing there, it’s just a run down suburb in Paris. We were both really disappointed.

Anyway, the best advice I can give instead of visiting Argenteuil is to enjoy all the wonderful oil paintings of it.

Monet La Seine at Argenteuil   Manet argenteuil   Monet argenteuil   Argenteuil


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Fine art reproductions on canvas by Fabulous Masterpieces

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  1. Helen Davies says:

    Really liked your post. I too thought Argenteuil would be beautiful, obviously not!

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