Kandinsky’s Houses in Munich

Kandinsky houses in munich

Fine art reproduction company, Fabulous Masterpieces has just finished painting Kandinsky’s Houses in Munich and the above painting is our actual hand painted  fine art replica painting that one of our artists has painted.

In 1869 Kandinsky moved to Munich, with his wife Anya, to pursue a career as an artist.  Munich was a big draw for artists at the time and by the time Kandinsky arrived in Munich, the Munich Secession had been founded.
Houses in Munich was painted in 1908 and the original is currently in Von der Heydt Museum, in Germany.  I love these beautiful bold colours and if you do too and would also like to commission Kandinsky’s Houses in Munich please email: [email protected]

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If you would like a quote for a Kandinsky reproduction oil painting such as Houses in Munich , please contact us. As with all our commissions, our Kandinsky paintings are strictly commissioned-to-order, meaning you can choose to have your oil replica painted to the precise dimensions that you require. All Kandinsky paintings are exquisitely hand-painted with premium Winsor & Newton oils onto high-grade duck cotton canvases.

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