How much is the Mona Lisa worth?

mona lisa art replica

Hand painted fine art replica oil painting by Fabulous Masterpieces. Oil on canvas.

The Mona Lisa is priceless as the French government is prohibited by law to sell it therefore no amount of money can ever buy it.  Article 451-5 of the French “Heritage Code” law governing national treasures stipulates:

“Collections held in museums that belong to public bodies are considered public property and cannot be otherwise.”

The Mona Lisa belongs to the people of France and due its status as the most famous painting in the world it has an infinite value.

If  the law of France was ever to change according to the “Guiness World Records”, the Mona Lisa was valued at 100 million dollars in 1962 for insurance purposes. With inflation taken into account, today’s value  of the Mona Lisa would be nearing a billion – 1.5 billion pounds.

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mona lisa replica

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