Fabulous Masterpieces did Transformers Movie Painting for Dulwich Picture Gallery Prank

battle of trafalgar with transformer dulwich picture gallery

Fabulous Masterpieces can now reveal that they were the art studio that Paramount Pictures contacted to paint the infamous painting in the very funny Dulwich Picture Gallery prank to publicise their new movie, Transformers: The Last Knight.

Our oil painting, which hung at Dulwich Picture Gallery on June 9, features Ironhide standing menacingly between two warring English and French naval ships. This painting was adapted from Auguste Mayer’s original painting entitled: The Battle of Trafalgar.

Old Master expert Bendor Grosvenor declared it a “well done” copy.

battle of trafalgar with transformer dulwich picture gallery

Peoples reactions to seeing the painting are splendid.  One clip shows a confused visitor look into the painting and repeat “what?” to his partner five times.


Dulwich Picture Gallery Prank for Transformers Movie

Ironically, we’ve just finished painting a classic portrait of Lord Nelson for a client with not a Transformer in sight.

lord nelson portrait

Abbott’s Lord Nelson by Fabulous Masterpieces. Oil on canvas.


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