Claude Monet’s Nympheas Estimated to Fetch $30 – $50 Million at Christie’s New York

Claude Monet Nympheas

Claude Monet's painting, Nympheas is expected to fetch between $30 - $50 million at Christie's New York on November 7th 2012


Tomorrow, November 7th 2012, at Christie’s New York, Claude Monet’s Nympheas, painted in 1905 is to go up for auction and is estimated to fetch between  $30 – $50 Million!

Claude Monet‘s paintings of his now famous water lily pond are probably the most admired masterpieces in the world.  Between 1905 and 1908, Monet actually painted over 60 paintings depicting his beloved water lilies, one critic raved at the time, “There is no other living artist who could have given us these marvelous effects of light and shadow, this glorious feast of color.”

The sheer beauty of the paintings in the Nymphéas series make us forget that in 1905, these works were a radical departure from all traditional notions of landscape painting. Monet had traded his ordered views of the lily pond and its distant banks for close-up, destabilized depictions of the water surface itself — a decision that allowed him to introduce a near-infinite variety of shifting forms and plays of light into his paintings. This daring move established Monet beyond any doubt as the most innovative landscape painter of his day,”  Brooke Lampley, Head of Impressionist and Modern Art at Christie’s New York.


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