Canaletto, The Grand Canal, Venice by Fabulous Masterpieces

Reproduction Oil Painting of Canaletto’s The Grand Canal, Venice.

This is just a quick post to show you a fabulous fine art reproduction that we’ve just finished of Canaletto’s The Grand Canal, Venice.

Canaletto’s Grand Canal was actually sold at Christie’s London for £3,849,250 on December 2nd 2008.(If you’re interested in seeing more great masterpieces that were sold at auction and what they sold for, please click here)

A customer who just loved the Canaletto painting, asked us to paint a reproduction oil painting of it in its original dimensions. After 6 weeks, it’s now ready! Take a look. I’ve put a photo of the original painting of The Grand Canal, Venice there too, to enable you to compare and contrast.

Canaletto -The Grand Canal, Venice

The Original Canaletto, The Grand Canal, Venice.

Canaletto - The Grand Canal, Venice

Canaletto - The Grand Canal, Venice, a hand-painted fine art reproduction oil painting by Fabulous Masterpieces

You can see there is so much detail in the painting that the artist had to replicate.  If you too have a favourite painting that you would like us to copy, please contact us or email us on: [email protected].  To give you an idea of pricing, Canaletto’s The Grand Canal, Venice was painted in its original dimensions 47 cm x 78.2 cm and cost £395, which includes delivery and VAT.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great replication. How long did it take to recreate?

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