Brilliant Art Reproduction of Henry Wallis’ Chatterton

chatterton by heney wallis

We hand painted this fine art reproduction oil painting of Henry Wallis’ Chatterton for an interior designer and you have to admit it is certainly a striking painting. Chatterton is actually Wallis’ (1830 – 1916) most famous work. You might already know that Thomas Chatterton (1752-70) was a poet who committed suicide and his death and despondent temperament captured the attention of many writers.

Looking at the painting you can see the phial of poison lying on the floor and the scattered torn up poems. It could well be that Wallis in this painting wanted to criticise and make a point of society’s treatment of artists. After all, poor Thomas Chatterton was only 17 years old when he committed suicide in his attic room where he lived on the verge of starvation.

This is the original Chatterton by Henry Wallis

henry wallis chatterton


Side by Side (The original & the fine art reproduction)

henry wallis chattertonchatterton by heney wallis

As you can see our hand painted reproduction oil painting of  Henry Wallis’ Chatterton is an excellent example of the quality you can expect to receive from Fabulous Masterpieces.

Commissioning a copy artist

Would you like one of our copy artists to hand paint you a fine art replica of your favourite painting?  Or would you like to commission a beautiful fone art reproduction of Wallis’ Chatterton? Please take a look at our portfolios to garner more evidence of the quality of our artwork. Everything, is of course hand painted and you will receive photos once your art reproduction is completed for approval purposes. For more information please email: [email protected]

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