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horse paintings

Beautiful horse paintings based on photographs of your horses

Hi Everyone, I thought I’d show you some great examples of our finished horse paintings, all of which were based on photographs that their owners have sent into Fabulous Masterpieces. Take a look at the photo and oil painting of Clover. The artist was told to base the painting on this one horse photograph but to change the background and this is our resulting oil painting. All horse paintings are hand-painted onto canvas using premium Winsor and Newton oils. Once the horse painting is finished we then email a high-resolution photograph of the painting to you for approval purposes. It’s at this time that if you require any changes t(within reason) to your horse portrait to let us know now as once you’ve approved your beautiful horse painting, no further changes can be made. Once approved we have to wait a week or 2 for the oils to have sufficiently dried before we can safely send your oil painting to you in a secure art tube.  Take a look at some resent horse paintings below.

horse paintings

horse paintings


This beautiful horse painting has a more modern feel to it due to the colour of the background, what background would you choose for your horse’s portrait?

modern horse portraits


This horse’s oil portrait was hand-painted in the style of George Stubbs

stubbs style horse painting

Yes you can choose the style of your horse portrait too, just let us know your ideas!


Like these horse paintings?

horse oil portrait

Again just to reitirate, The process of commissioning a horse portrait is so simple. All we need for you to do is email: [email protected] with a photograph of your horse that you would like your artist to base your portrait on, with an idea of size.  If you’re not sure on the precise dimensions that you’d like your horse portrait to be don’t worry, we are happy to give you advice.  Prices for horse portraits start from £250 and world-wide delivery is free.

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horse paintings

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