Animal Heads on Human Bodies Paintings

These animals are some of the bravest animals in the world.

Fabulous Masterpieces was asked to paint animal heads on human bodies paintings for an ad campaign for the Go Compare Pet Insurance Honorouble pets campaign.

These animals were just so brave and some of these stories are absolutely incredible.

Take Rip for example

Rip is a mixed Terrier who would help the air raid warden and his team sniff out people hidden under the debris during the Blitz. He saved over 100 people and received a medal for bravery in 1945.

aniaml heads on human bodies paintings

Rip the dog is painted with oils onto canvas.


Then there’s Gander, a Newfoundland dog

animal heads on human bodies paintings

Gander worked alongside the Canadian army regiment, the Royal Rifles of Canada. In 1941, Gander and The Royal Rifles found themselves in Hong Kong fighting the enemy in that battle of Lye Mun on Hong kong Island. Heroically, to save the lives of others Gander picked up a Japanese hand grenade that had been thrown towards Canadian troops and ran towards the enemy with it in his mouth. Gander tragically died in the explosion, but his immense act of bravery would have saved the lives of nearby soldiers.

He was awarded the Dickin medal for bravery in 2000 and has a statue of him in his honour at Gander Heritage Memorial park.


Dogs weren’t the only animals that were brave. There’s Winkie, the Carrier Pigeon

animal heads on human bodies paintings

Winkie was a carrier pigeon who was travelling with her crew on board the RAF Beaufort Bomber during World War II.  The plane was hit and went down into the North Sea. The crew released Winkie in the hope she would get help.  She flew all the way home to Scotland, a whoping 120 miles away and alerted her owner, who then alerted the RAF and a rescue mission was immediately launched. Because of Winkie They managed to find the whole crew! Winkie was awarded the Dickin medal in 1943.


Simon the Cat of the Royal Navy

cat in uniform

Oil on canvas

Simon was a well-loved cat on the HMS Amethyst, he kept the lower decks free of mice and other rodents.  The ship was involved in the Yangtze incident in Nanjing. The ship came under attack of Chinese communists and the captain, a Lieutenant Commander Skinner was shot and killed. Simon the cat received medical attention and managed to survive the whole ordeal. Unfortunately, on the way home, Simon had to be put into quarantine and contracted a virus, which eventually killed him. He too received the Dickin medal for bravery.


Warrior the War Horse of World War I

animal heads on human bodies paintings

Warrior horse. Oil on canvas by Fabulous Masterpieces

Bless this horse. Warrior was known as the horse that the Germans couldn’t kill because he survived machine gun attacks, falling shells at the Battle of the Somme he survived battles at Ypres. He got stuck under burning beams at his stable twice and survived! Warrior returned home – the Isle of Wight in 1918 at the end of the war. He lived to be 32 and was awarded the Dickin medal for her bravery in 2014.


Animals in Uniform

All of these animals received the Dickin Medal for bravery, known as the “animals Victoria Cross” it was created by Maria Dickin in 1943 to honour animals that served in World War II. To celebrate 75 years of the Dickin medal Go Compare Pet insurance asked us to paint oil paintings of these brave animals so their spirit can live on.


Animal Heads on Human Bodies Paintings

All of these animals in uniform paintings have been painted using Winsor & Newton oils on canvas and takes between 4 – 6 weeks from ordering your portrait to receiving it. If you would like to commission an oil portrait of your animal in uniform please email: t[email protected]

To see more examples please visit our animals in uniform page.


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