5 Famous Paintings that will Genuinely Scare You!

franz stuck lucifer painting

5 scary paintings that will genuinely scare you this Halloween

Halloween is coming up and to get you in the mood we’ve compiled 10 of the world’s most scary paintings…

1. Goya’s The Drowning Dog

the drowning dog by goya

Number one on the list is Goya’s horrifying painting entitled The Drowning Dog. Known as one of Goya’s black paintings this painting depicts the head of a dog desperately trying to fight against the vast empty space above and below. The placard for this painting in The Prado indicates the dog is in distress, quite literally, drowning.

2. Hell by Hans Memling

painting of hell of hans memling

This scary painting is enough to put the heebie jeebies into anyone. It’s weird, intense and gripping not to mention very reminiscent of Bosch’s Last Judgement. Satan here seems to be dancing on the damned as the burn in hell, which looks very much like the mouth of a dragon in this horrifying painting.

3. Severed Heads by Théodore Géricault

scary halloween paintings

Not exactly easy to look at is it? These severed heads have been made to look like a couple in bed. She looks like she’s sleeping soundly and he looks like he’s alive and snoring. However, his eyes are open in horror showing us, the viewer of what he looked like moments before his death. Both these heads are the relics of an execution. Tragic.

4. The Flaying of Marsyas by Titian

titian the flaying of marsyas

 Ewwww this painting is horrible. The poor satyr Marsyas lost a musical contest to Apollo and his punishment was to be strung upside down and to be skinned alive. A spaniel is lapping up his blood and another musician is playing the violin to this savage and quite frankly horrifying scene.

5. The Nightmare by Fuseli

fuseli the nightmare

The title of Fuseli’s painting is very apt as this scene does indeed conjure up nightmares. In 1792 when this painting was first exhibited in The Royal Academy it caused quite the sensation. A troll or demon sits on a sleeping lady who is fast asleep in her virginal nightdress, whilst the head of a wild horse pokes his head through the curtains. The painting intimates all sorts of horrendous themes, rape, bestiality and murder. The sleeper’s throat is laid bare as if waiting for the blade and the beast with his horrible bulging eyes just looks at the viewer in a way that you can see its mind is turning with gruesome thoughts.


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