10 Claude Monet Paintings Winter Scene (that you can buy now)

As it’s officially Winter and Christmas is around the corner, I thought it was high time to show you 10 brilliant Claude Monet paintings of Winter scenes that you could buy fine art reproductions of right now. These Winter scene paintings by Monet are seriously guaranteed to put you in a Christmassy mood. Oh, and here’s an interesting fact for you, did you know that Monet painted over 100 snowscapes?!

1. Claude Monet’s The Magpie

claude monet paintings winter scene

A painting of The Magpie by Claude Monet

The Magpie depicts a beautiful winter scene of a lone Magpie sitting on a gate. The sun you can can see shines over the freshly fallen snow creating shadows. In fact, experts say that The Magpie is one of Monet’s first paintings that show coloured shadows, which would later become associated with the Impressionist movement. It’s a beautiful Winter landscape. The original painting is in the Musee d’Orsay, Paris and measures 89cm x 130cm.

2. Claude Monet’s Snow at Argenteuil

monet snow at Argenteuil

Monet’s Snow at Argenteuil

Monet’s Snow at Argenteuil painting is one of 18 canvases depicting the atmospheric winter conditions there. Argenteuil, a suburb in Paris is where Monet and his family lived for six years and here we can see figures walking in the snow whilst the sun is fading from the sky. It’s a very atmospheric landscape and this particular Argenteuil winter scene is his largest, measuring 71 cm x 91 cm.

3. The Road to Giverny in Winter

claude monet, the road to Giverny in winter

‘The road to Giverny in winter’ is a wonderfully idyllic painting. Only Monet could make a cold winter’s day seem warm and inviting by the way he uses tones of pink. The contrasting textures of this painting and the way he’s used soft blues and pinks to unify this wonderful winter scene leaves a magical impression on the viewer. Giverny was the village Monet lived in from 1878 – 1923.

4. Haystacks (Snow effect)

Monet haystacks snow effect

Monet painted a series of around 25 haystacks, several of which included snow scenes. Although, the subject is the same, all of his haystack paintings differ in terms of light and colour, composition and weather conditions.

5. The Street at Argenteuil, Snow Effect, 1874

monet snow at argenteuil

Monet has achieved something here in this winter landscape scene. He’s made this scene which is mostly painted in greys and dark greens and purple look something magical. You can see that it’s cold and grey yet I still wouldn’t mind walking in it.

6. Skaters in Giverny

monet skaters in giverny

Skaters in Giverny

Monet drew inspiration from his home in the village of Giverny, here we can see how the artist has painted light and shade and has used yellows, reds and blues to perfectly convey a sunny frosty day. It’s a wonderful winter scene.

7. The village of Sanviken in snow

monet the village of sanviken in snow

The village of Sanviken in snow

I think this winter scene is just beautiful. Everything that we see in this painting is literally buried in snow. Monet visited Norway in 1895 and ended up painting 29 landscapes during his 2 month visit.


8. Floating ice near Vetheuil, 1880

monet winter paintings floating ice

Monet painted a lot of scenes near Vetheuil of the breaking up of ice on the Seine. As you can see in this painting Monet is using a wide variety of colours to explore the reflecting light of water, ice and snow.

9. Train in the snow

monet train in the snow

Train in the snow was painted in Argenteuil, directly opposite Monet’s home. The lack of sun here gives the scene a timeless setting as it could be any time of day. Monet in this winter painting has also captured the stillness of the day, his short brushstrokes lend texture to the fence and unlike some of his other paintings, Monet in this winter scene has blended colour to create a solid image.

10. Ice Floes on the Seine at Bougiva

monet ice floes on the seine at Bougival

Monet’s Ice floes on the Seine at Bougiva

This scene is a very understated winter painting. The painting is nearly monochrome with lots of whites and greys, which capture the cloudy, misty stillness of this winter’s day. This oil painting has also been painted with more precision than some of his other paintings.


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