What is a reproduction of art?

what is a reproduction of art?

What is a reproduction of art?

A reproduction of art is when an artist replicates or copies another painting, this is known as an art reproduction or a reproduction oil painting.

Other names also include fine art copies, art replicas, fine art reproduction, reproduction oil paintings, these are all terms that mean the same thing.

Examples of oil painting reproductions

Let me show you an example of a fine art reproduction.

monet impression sunrise

So as you can see, above is Monet’s original painting and next to it is our art reproduction of it. Our copy artist who specialises in painting Monet’s has hand-painted a replica of it for a customer who contacted us here at Fabulous Masterpieces.

Are you looking to buy an art copy of your favourite painting?

There are many fine art reproduction companies you can contact who will paint you a museum quality oil painting reproduction of your favourite painting. But believe you me art reproduction companies are not all the same. You really need to do your homework first and look at their examples and portfolios. Your replica painting will depend on the skill of your artist. So please take a look at their work on their website and read independent reviews about their company.

Advice on fine art replica companies

I’ve compiled a magazine on all you need to know about reproduction oil paintings so please take a look.

art reproduction

Who are we?

We’re a fine art reproduction company called Fabulous Masterpieces that solely concentrates on painting museum quality art reproductions onto canvas. We’ve even produced a magazine on the topic to help you out if you want to learn more about fine art copies. Just click on the image above.

Bye for now.

Anna x


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