If the paintings of Edvard Munch were unknown and his painting The Scream was found at a car boot sale, would the painting still be considered one of the greatest of all time?

the scream munch

If Edvard Munch was unknown and his “The Scream” painting  was found in a random car boot sale then NO I do not think it would still be regarded as one of the greatest paintings of our age.

The problem is I feel when we go to a gallery, we glance at first at the name of the artist on the small plaque next to the painting. When an artist is better known I think that people appreciate their paintings more than if its creator is less famous.

Van Gogh, never sold more than one painting, nobody wanted his works…now almost nobody could afford them!

In a museum all works are supposed to be the creation of an important artist, still people have a different look and opinion if the sign says “ Rembrandt ” than if the sign says Joe Bloggs. Unfortunately, thats just the way life is.

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