Double Portrait of Sir Reginald and Lady Mohun – A Marriage Portrait

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I thought I’d show you a recent commission of a famous late Elizabethan painting. This hand painted fine art copy of Sir Reginald and Lady Mohun is one of the earliest examples of a full length double portrait in English art. The portrait was painted to celebrate the marriage of Sir Reginald Mohun to his third wife and as you can see in her hand she is holding a pink rose, a symbol of betrothal. The joint arms of Mohun  and Chudleigh in the middle of the portrait celebrates the union of these families.

sir reginald mohun portrait english school art

Our hand painted fine art replica Portrait of Sir Reginald Mohun and his wife, Dorothy Chudleigh of Ashton, Devon. Size: 190cm x 111cm.

This oil painting of  Sir Reginald Mohun and his wife is also of great significance because it is said to be one of the earliest instances in English portraiture of showing affection between husband and wife. For example, you can see this in the way the couple’s hands are intertwined.

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The original double portrait of Sir Reginald and Lady Mohun was sold at Christie’s for £120,000.  If you would like a quote for your own hand painted fine art copy please email: [email protected]

 Compare and Contrast The Sir Reginald Mohun Portrait

sir reginald mohun portrait

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