Our Oil Portraits

Great Dog Paintings

Take a look at a beautiful oil painting of Poppy that was based on a photograph. If you would like an oil painting of your dog, simply email: info@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk with a photo that you would your artist to base your oil painting on. Prices start from £250 and world-wide delivery is free.  Gift vouchers are […]Read More
horse paintings

Great Horse Portraits

  As well as painting fine art reproductions, Fabulous Masterpieces also paints beautiful oil portraits based on your favourite photographs. Take a look at Clover’s portrait above. His owner emailed us the above photo of his horse and wanted an oil painting painted measuring 18 inches by 12.  The process of commissioning a horse portrait […]Read More
child portrait paintings

Portraits from Photographs – Beautiful Oil Paintings

Fabulous Masterpieces is very good at turning your precious photographs into beautiful oil paintings. See the example above. One of our clients emailed the photograph above to us and wanted an oil painting painted of his two grand-children.  I’ve put our oil painting next to the photograph so you can compare and contrast. The process […]Read More
baby portraits

Beautiful Baby Oil Paintings

Look at this beautiful baby portrait of baby Amelia, hand-painted with oils onto canvas. It’s a lovely keepsake that her parents can treasure and show to Amelia when she’s older. If you would like to capture a memory in oils for your family, please email info@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk all we need is a photograph and our artists […]Read More

Business Gifts – The Corporate Oil Painting

Distinguished yet elegant oil paintings make the perfect corporate gift The darker background of this oil painting certainly adds a distinguished feel to the portrait and makes the perfect gift for a chairwoman or chairman or even a leaving gift to thank them for years of service.  I have to say I like oil paintings […]Read More

Best Dog Portraits

I just wanted to show you our lovely oil painting of Amber the dog that we’ve just finished painting. I think it’s one of the best dog portraits we’ve ever done. This is the photograph of Amber that was emailed into Fabulous Masterpieces.  The owner didn’t want the artist to paint the pattern on the […]Read More
Dogs in Costume

Dogs in Uniform

Have you ever considered commissioning a dog portrait in uniform?  Take a look at Deef the dog above.  His owners really wanted an oil painting of their dog painted as the Count of Monte Cristo. And personally, I think it’s come out really well. In fact our paintings of dogs in uniform or having your […]Read More
Ancestral Portraits

Ancestral Portraits

Turn your Old Black & White Photos into Treasured Oil Paintings!      There are significant moments in everyone’s life that deserve to be captured, and Fabulous Masterpieces is passionate about immortalising them in oils. Our portraits allow emotions, personalities and sentiments to shine through – creating memories that will last a lifetime. The process […]Read More
dog artists

Dog Artists

If you’re looking for dog artists to paint a beautiful dog portrait of your furry friend then you’ve certainly come to the right place! Fabulous Masterpieces is now in it’s fifth year and when it comes to portraits, apart from oil portraits of children, dog paintings are one of the most popular subjects we’re asked […]Read More

Dog Portraits by Dog Artists

Fabulous Masterpieces has now just put together a dog portfolio for people wanting to commission dog portraits by top dog artists. We’ve also put the photo of the dog that was given to the dog portrait artist next to the actual hand-painted dog portrait.  Allowing you to see the quality and scope of work that […]Read More