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Portraits from Photos UK

Hello, I thought I’d show you one of my favourite oil portraits that we’ve painted from a photo. This is the photograph the oil painting was based on.  Fabulous Masterpieces hand-paints beautiful portraits from photos provided by clients. For the past 7 years our portrait artists have been painting wonderful oil portraits based on photos. […]Read More

Wonderful portraits from photos

Hello! I thought I’d show you some of my favourite portraits our artists have painted. Take a look at these four beautiful oil portraits from photos. Child Portraits from Photos Select a photo you love What these 4 portraits all have in common is that they are all based on photographs that mean something to […]Read More
portraits from photos uk

Portraits from Photos London

Beautiful portraits from your photos I just wanted to show you a beautiful portrait of a lovely little girl that we’ve just completed that was based on a photograph. This oil portrait was painted by our portrait artist, Tom Lloyd. Tom paints with loose brush strokes that often resembles an Impressionist style. If you like […]Read More
Oil Portraits from Photos

Portraits from Photos Provided by Clients

 Fabulous Masterpieces hand-paints beautiful portraits from photos provided by clients. For the past 7 years our portrait artists have been painting wonderful oil portraits based on photos. Be it of children, families, dogs, cats and horses as long as you can provide a clear photo to our artists we can paint it. I thought I’d […]Read More
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Portraits from Photographs – Beautiful Oil Paintings

Fabulous Masterpieces is very good at turning your precious photographs into beautiful oil paintings. See the example above. One of our clients emailed the photograph above to us and wanted an oil painting painted of his two grand-children.  I’ve put our oil painting next to the photograph so you can compare and contrast. The process […]Read More
baby portraits

Beautiful Baby Oil Paintings

Look at this beautiful baby portrait of baby Amelia, hand-painted with oils onto canvas. It’s a lovely keepsake that her parents can treasure and show to Amelia when she’s older. If you would like to capture a memory in oils for your family, please email all we need is a photograph and our artists […]Read More

Business Gifts – The Corporate Oil Painting

Distinguished yet elegant oil paintings make the perfect corporate gift The darker background of this oil painting certainly adds a distinguished feel to the portrait and makes the perfect gift for a chairwoman or chairman or even a leaving gift to thank them for years of service.  I have to say I like oil paintings […]Read More

Fabulous Masterpieces’ Portrait Magazine

Hello Everyone, We’ve finally made an online portrait magazine enabling you to see a huge variety of different portrait commissions that our portrait artists have been asked to paint over the years.  You’ll be able to see the original photos that were supplied to our artists along with the finished oil painting. We’ve included ancestral […]Read More

Luxury Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day, June 19th 2011 A Father’s day gift is all about celebrating the wonderful man who is your dad, who has done so much for you and in all probability you’re hoping to find a gift that reflects this. Commissioning a beautifully hand-painted oil painting of your father or a portrait of  dad with […]Read More
Commission a Portrait

Commission a Portrait

Just a quick post to show you an oil portrait that Fabulous Masterpieces’ artist Sam Banks painted,  has now been picked up by Traditional Homes & Interiors Magazine! Please click on the image to read. If you’ve ever thought about commissioning an oil portrait of your family or loved ones, please visit the Commission a […]Read More