Our Oil Portraits

portraits from photos

Portraits from Photos

Would you like one of our portrait artists to paint you a portrait from a photo? This oil painting of this beautiful ballerina was hand painted by Sam Banks and was based on the photo provided. All of our oil portraits from photos are hand painted with premium Winsor & Newton oils onto canvas. The […]Read More

Animal Heads on Human Bodies Paintings

These animals are some of the bravest animals in the world. Fabulous Masterpieces was asked to paint animal heads on human bodies paintings for an ad campaign for the Go Compare Pet Insurance Honorouble pets campaign. These animals were just so brave and some of these stories are absolutely incredible. Take Rip for example Rip […]Read More
custom art commissions

Custom Portrait Commissions

Hello All, I thought I’d show you a great example of what a custom portrait commission could look like based on two separate photographs. The brief for our portrait artist was to paint one oil painting of brother and sister together based on two separate photographs.   I think the artist has done a great […]Read More
Jack townrow footballer

Jack Townrow Portrait

Hello All, I thought I’d show you a wonderful oil portrait of professional footballer Jack Townrow.  Jack Townrow also known as John Townrow (1901 – 1969) was an English footballer who played for England in 1925. Born in West Ham, Townrow began his professional football career at the end of the First World War with […]Read More

Ancestral Portraits – Black & White to Colour Paintings

Hello Everyone, Today I thought I’d show you an example of an oil painting that was painted in colour but that was based on an old black and white photo. The artist took direction from the client as to what colours she wanted him to paint their clothes in but also did quite a bit […]Read More
dog human body portrait

The Dog Head on a Human Body Portrait

Hello, here’s something bit different to show you. Anthropomorphic dog art is becoming more and more popular. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-humans, and in our case dogs. Here’s two examples that we’ve just finished. One dog is painted in military uniform and the one below in period dress. Why […]Read More
horse portrait

New Horse Portrait

Hello! In case you didn’t realise Fabulous Masterpieces can paint beautiful horse portrait paintings based on your favourite photographs. All you need to do is email: horses@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk with a photo that you’d like your portrait artist to base your  horse portrait on with an idea of size. That’s it! Your horse portrait artist will then […]Read More
portraits from Photos

Portraits from Photos UK

Hello, I thought I’d show you one of my favourite oil portraits that we’ve painted from a photo. This is the photograph the oil painting was based on.  Fabulous Masterpieces hand-paints beautiful portraits from photos provided by clients. For the past 7 years our portrait artists have been painting wonderful oil portraits based on photos. […]Read More

Wonderful portraits from photos

Hello! I thought I’d show you some of my favourite portraits our artists have painted. Take a look at these four beautiful oil portraits from photos. Child Portraits from Photos Select a photo you love What these 4 portraits all have in common is that they are all based on photographs that mean something to […]Read More
alan turing

Painting of Alan Turing

Everybody has heard of Alan Turing. Codebreaker, mathematician, homosexual and philosopher, he famously worked at Bletchley Park deciphering encrypted messages by the German Enigma machine, which helped the war effort by giving vital information to the Allies.  Sadly and rather cruelly he was arrested in 1952 for homosexuality, his security clearance was withdrawn meaning he […]Read More