Turner’s Campo Vaccino Sold for £29 Million

Turner’s Campo Vaccino Sold for £29 Million! A while ago I wrote a post on Turner’s Campo Vaccino, which was estimated to sell between £12 – 18 Million at Sotheby’s London! Well the results are now in! A top American museum, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, bought Turner’s Campo Vaccino (Modern Rome) for a […]Read More

Turner’s Campo Vaccino Estimated to reach £12 – £18 Million!

In 2006, Turner’s painting of Venice called Giudecca, La Donna della Salute smashed records at auction for the highest painting ever sold by a British artist and was bought for £20.5 Million thereby succeeding Constable’s painting ‘The Lock’, which sold for £12.5 Million in 1990. Well, the buzz is back this year as Turner’s Campo […]Read More