Claude Monet

monet waterlilies

Claude Monet’s Nymphéas (1908) sells for over £23 Million

This wonderful 1908 oil painting by Claude Monet Nymphéas sold at Sotheby’s London on June 19th 2019 for £23,731,624. Would you like an artist to hand-paint you your very own fine art reproduction of Monet’s Nympheas? Fabulous Masterpieces can hand-pant you a fine art reproduction of any Claude Monet painting that you want. Oil on […]Read More
claude monet la porte du jardin a vetheuil

Claude Monet’s La Porte du Jardin À Vétheuil

 Claude Monet’s La Porte du Jardin À Vétheuil   This beautiful painting of Monet’s is about to go under the hammer at Sotheby’s Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale in London on February 28 2018 this month and is estimated to fetch between £2 million – £3 million. The village of Vétheuil was a site of […]Read More
Claude Monet Nympheas

Monet’s 1905 Nympheas sells for $43 Million at Christie’s new York

Claude Monet’s 1905 Nympheas painting sold last night, 7th November 2012, for $43 million! The water-lily painting was estimated to fetch between $30 – $50 Million so it managed to reach the high-end of the pre-sale estimate.  Considering 30% of the paintings being sold at Christie’s  failed to find buyers and not to forget Monet’s […]Read More
Claude Monet Nympheas

Claude Monet’s Nympheas Estimated to Fetch $30 – $50 Million at Christie’s New York

  Tomorrow, November 7th 2012, at Christie’s New York, Claude Monet’s Nympheas, painted in 1905 is to go up for auction and is estimated to fetch between  $30 – $50 Million! Claude Monet‘s paintings of his now famous water lily pond are probably the most admired masterpieces in the world.  Between 1905 and 1908, Monet […]Read More
Monet Bridge at Argenteuil

Monet’s Argenteuil

Ever since we decided to go to Paris for the weekend, I started nagging my husband to stop over in Argenteuil. You see, we’ve hand-painted quite a lot of art reproductions of Monet’s Bridge at Argenteuil then there’s Renoir’s painting of  Claude Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteuil, 1873 and Renoir’s painting entitled: The […]Read More
monet japanese bridge

Monet’s Japanese Footbridge over the Water-lily Pond in Giverny

As Monet’s Japanese Footbridge is our art reproduction of the month, I thought I’d show you our actual reproduction oil painting of it. Monet moved from Paris to Giverny in 1883 where he lived until his death.  The Japanese Foot-bridge, which spans across the water-lily pond he created, appears in several of his works from […]Read More

Monet’s Les Peupliers set to sell for $25 Million!

Monet’s Les Peupliers is set to fetch $25 Million dollars at Christie’s New York on May 4th 2011 Les Peupliers was actually bought in 2000 for just over $7 Million, 11 years later it’s expected to sell for $25 Million, that’s quite a good return on your investment! The auction record for a Monet was […]Read More
Monet La Grenouillére

La Grenouillere – Monet V Renoir

La Grenouillere Having just come back from Giverny, I thought I’d have to include a post on Monet having seen his wonderful gardens and house. Monet’s & Renoir’s paintings of La Grenouillere really interest me as we’ve done art reproductions of both and they’re surprisingly different.  Surprising, as they painted their paintings at the same […]Read More

Monet’s Nympheas 1906 Failed to Sell at Christie’s London (Ouch!)

Claude Monet’s 1906 Painting “Nympheas” Failed to Reach it’s Estimated Value of 30 – 40 Million Pounds A few days ago my husband and I went to Christie’s London for their sale preview where you’re able to view some seriously impressive artwork that has now gone under the hammer. I highly recommend going to these […]Read More