Questions on Art Reproduction

who owns the copyright

I’ve bought an original piece of art. Do I own the copyright?

I often receive emails asking questions like this one, so I thought it best to answer. In short no, when you buy an original piece of art, you do not usually own the copyright to it. You’ve bought the painting but the copyright to it still lies with the artist who painted it. That means […]Read More
the rapture of pscyche bouguereau

Art Reproduction Paintings On Sale

Take a look at these in stock paintings now on sale!  We have now added quite a few new in stock paintings. For example the painting below called Breaking Waves is now available to buy 50cm x 100cm for £197. The usual price to have this painted to this size would be £270, so that’s […]Read More

Framed Art Reproductions

Hello Everybody, As you may or may not know, Fabulous Masterpieces offer a framing service so I thought I’d show you some examples of our framed art reproduction paintings. Our frames are hand-made here in the UK and not in a factory in China.     Art Reproduction Portfolio If you would like to see […]Read More
monet impression sunset

Real Art Replicas

When you’re looking to commission an art reproduction company to paint you real fine art replicas of your favourite oil paintings the best thing to do is to compare and contrast their art replica paintings to the original.  With that in mind I thought it was high time that we at Fabulous Masterpieces do the […]Read More

Monet’s Impression Sunrise Painting

Monet’s Impression Sunrise painting, also known as Impression, soleil levant was painted in 1872 and depicts the harbour of Le Havre in France. The original Impression Sunrise painting is at the Mussee Marmottan in Paris. We’ve hand-painted a lot of fine art reproductions of this painting so I thought I’d put Monet’s original Impression Sunrise […]Read More
Fabulous Masterpieces Frames

Fabulous Masterpieces’ Framing Service

Hi Everyone, Just a quick post to let you know that Fabulous Masterpieces now offer a full framing service! Yes, I know it’s about time. The Frames Please take a look at our framing brochure above. All of these frames can be handmade in any colour and if you’re looking for a chunky frame, can […]Read More
Chinese Art Reproductions

Why you should be wary buying Chinese Art Reproductions

If you’ve ever done a Google search for “Art Reproductions” or “Fine Art Copies”  you know doubt would have come across a number of large Chinese art reproduction companies, offering reproduction oil painting from as little as $100.   It’s a tempting offer isn’t it? Having an actual oil painting hand-painted for you of your favourite […]Read More
Van Gogh - Self Portrait with Straw Hat

Art copies on canvas: Not all art reproduction companies are the same!

“Museum quality art copies on canvas” all reproduction companies say they can paint them. Prices for Museum quality art copies vary from $50 to $1500 but if they’re painted to the same high standard, why the difference in price and why do art copies vary so much in quality?   Not all museum reproductions are […]Read More
Best Art Reproductions by Fabulous Masterpieces

Best Art Reproductions on Canvas

So you’re surfing the internet trying to find a reputable art reproduction company that hand-paints the best art reproductions on canvas possible at an affordable price. Hard isn’t it? No doubt you’ve come across a plethora of art reproduction companies in China offering to paint you “Museum quality reproduction oil paintings” for around £50. The […]Read More

How can I find high quality reproduction oil paintings?

If you’re looking to find high quality reproduction oil paintings then you need to check out the art reproduction website, Fabulous Masterpieces. Fabulous Masterpieces based in London, UK only specialise in high quality reproduction oil paintings. Just so you know, high quality reproduction oil paintings are often referred to in the art reproduction industry as […]Read More