Art Replicas

franz stuck lucifer painting

Franz Stuck’s Lucifer

Franz Von Stuck (1863 –1928)  was a German artist whose paintings were actually mentioned by Carl Jung and having seen them I can understand why. Franz Stuck (in case you’re interested the “von” didn’t come until he was knighted in 1905) painted Lucifer in 1890, and as you can see it’s an extremely powerful painting. […]Read More
the rapture of pscyche bouguereau

Art Reproduction Paintings On Sale

Take a look at these in stock paintings now on sale!  We have now added quite a few new in stock paintings. For example the painting below called Breaking Waves is now available to buy 50cm x 100cm for £197. The usual price to have this painted to this size would be £270, so that’s […]Read More

Framed Art Reproductions

Hello Everybody, As you may or may not know, Fabulous Masterpieces offer a framing service so I thought I’d show you some examples of our framed art reproduction paintings. Our frames are hand-made here in the UK and not in a factory in China.     Art Reproduction Portfolio If you would like to see […]Read More

Renoir’s La Grenouillere

Renoir’s La Grenouillere, the original and our replica oil painting. Renoir and Monet painted several painitngs of La Grenouillere (The Frog Pond) which, was a popular middle-class resort consisting of a spa, a boating establishment and a floating café. You can see Renoir’s other version of la Grenouillere and our fine art replica oil painting […]Read More
vermeer girl with a pearl earring

Have Yourself Painted into a Famous Masterpiece

Yes, you can now request one of our artists to hand-paint you or your family into your favourite painting! I thought I’d show you some great examples that we’ve just painted of a lovely Labrador and child being painted into famous masterpieces. Millie the Labrador’s owner wanted her dog painted as Vermeer’s Girl with a […]Read More
monet impression sunset

Real Art Replicas

When you’re looking to commission an art reproduction company to paint you real fine art replicas of your favourite oil paintings the best thing to do is to compare and contrast their art replica paintings to the original.  With that in mind I thought it was high time that we at Fabulous Masterpieces do the […]Read More

Monet’s Impression Sunrise Painting

Monet’s Impression Sunrise painting, also known as Impression, soleil levant was painted in 1872 and depicts the harbour of Le Havre in France. The original Impression Sunrise painting is at the Mussee Marmottan in Paris. We’ve hand-painted a lot of fine art reproductions of this painting so I thought I’d put Monet’s original Impression Sunrise […]Read More
odilon redon paintings

Odilon Redon Paintings

I thought I’d show you an example of an Odilon Redon painting insitu that we at Fabulous Masterpieces painted for an interior designer. The painting is simply entitled: ‘Panel’. On receiving his  Odilon Redon painting our client said: “Just want to say think you of another fantastic artwork. Top job we both are very pleased […]Read More
canaletto copies painting

Canaletto Art Copies

I thought I’d show you our fine art replica oil painting of a Canaletto painting and place it next to the original Canaletto so you can compare and contrast our hand-painted Canaletto painting to the original. Here at Fabulous Masterpieces we specialise in hand-painted fine art copies of your favourite oil paintings. We do not […]Read More
samuel Peploe - Still Life of Mixed Roses in a Chinese Vase

Samuel Peploe’s Still Life of Mixed Roses in Chinese Vase

Samuel Peploe (1871 – 1935) a Scottish Post-Impressionist painter painted some beautiful oil paintings of still lifes. The painting above is Fabulous Masterpieces’ fine art reproduction of Peploe’s Still life of Mixed Roses in a Chinese Vase. Peploe’s original painting was actually sold at auction quite recently for £421.250 at Bonham’s auction house, however you […]Read More