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klimt art reproductions

Klimt Art Reproductions – Adele Bloch Bauer for sale

Hello All, This is a quick post to let you know that our Klimt Copy Artist has finished painting this wonderful fine art reproduction of Klimt’s Adele Bloch Bauer I.  The dimensions are 90cm x 90cm The usual cost of this painting would be £450 but as it is in stock we are doing a […]Read More
Reproduction oil paintings explained in fewer than 140 characters

Reproduction Oil Paintings Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

Reproduction oil paintings are hand painted copies of art by a professional artist. In short, they are fine art replica paintings. What reproduction oil paintings are not Reproduction oil paintings are not giclee prints or any other form of print. They are replica paintings that have been hand painted by a skilled artist using oil […]Read More
reproduction oil painting on real homes

Did you see our reproduction oil painting on Real Homes?

Did you see our reproduction oil painting of Boccioni’s Those that stay on Real Homes? The Real Homes show was doing a feature on the colour sage green and loved our reproduction oil painting of Umberto Boccioni’s ‘Those that Stay’. Sage green is a very relaxing colour and is ideal for bedrooms and anywhere you […]Read More
Sir Walter Raleigh Portrait

Sir Walter Raleigh Portrait – Our fine art replica painting

Hello Everyone, Today I thought I’d show you a wonderful fine art replica painting that we painted of Sir Walter Raleigh. Sir Walter Raleigh was a favourite of Elizabeth I and was knighted in 1585.  In 1591, he secretly married Elizabeth Throckmorton, without the Queen’s consent and was sent to the Tower of the London […]Read More
who owns the copyright

I’ve bought an original piece of art. Do I own the copyright?

I often receive emails asking questions like this one, so I thought it best to answer. In short no, when you buy an original piece of art, you do not usually own the copyright to it. You’ve bought the painting but the copyright to it still lies with the artist who painted it. That means […]Read More
monet replicas

£10 Off All Monet Replicas with Fabulous Masterpieces

Monet Reproduction Offer – £10 Off! If you’re looking to commission a Monet reproduction this July 2018 then we’ll give you £10 off. Simply quote Googlejuly when ordering. Who are we? We’re a fine art reproduction company called Fabulous Masterpieces that solely concentrates on painting museum quality art reproductions onto canvas. We’ve even produced a […]Read More
mona lisa replica

Why is the Mona Lisa Famous?

Why is the Mona Lisa famous? The Mona Lisa is the most famous painting on the planet. When the Mona Lisa went on tour to Tokyo viewers were only allowed 10 seconds each to view it. When the Mona Lisa went on loan to New York, 1.6 million people went to see it. The Louvre […]Read More

The Upside Down Oliver Cromwell Portrait

Here is our oil portrait of a young Oliver Cromwell (1599 – 1658). The Original British school portrait was painted in the style of Robert Walker, who was an English portrait artist, notable for his portraits of the “Lord Protector” Oliver Cromwell. What is interesting about this portrait is that the portrait was displayed upside […]Read More
vermeer girl with a pearl earring

Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring – To age or not to age?

Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring is still a very popular painting that we are asked to paint. However, there is a definite split of people who want it aged so you can see the cracks in the reproduction and those that don’t. The original Girl with a Pearl Earring was painted in c.1665 so […]Read More
signac golfe juan

Paul Signac’s Golfe Juan

This is Fabulous Masterpieces‘ hand painted fine art reproduction oil painting of Signac’s Golfe Juan. Golfe Juan is a seaside resort on France’s Côte d’Azur. Paul Signac painted in a Pointillist style and  helped establish the Salon des Independents.  This painting gives us a glimpse of  a beautiful day with sailboats on the water, its […]Read More