Best Realistic Paintings Ever

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I wanted to show you some of our best realistic paintings that I feel we’ve ever painted. All of these realistic paintings were hand painted by our Realism artist Sam Banks and I hope you agree are really impressive.

1. The distinguished Realist portrait

best realistic paintings ever

I love this oil painting, it just looks so life-like. Having your artist paint a dark background really makes your painting look very traditional and distinguished. A perfect gift for the gentleman that has everything.


2. The close up

realist portraits

If you love this Realism portrait and really want to see every possible facial feature then its best to commission a large head and shoulder portrait. By getting a larger size you’re allowing the artist more scope to be able to paint every single detail that he can see in your photo making this one of the best realistic portraits ever.


 3. Fab Realist Painting, Man with Cat

best realistic paintings ever

This is in our top 8 of best realistic paintings ever because the artist has skillfully used light and shade to paint the armchair exquisitely and of course the gentleman’s face.  By having a studio background it allows the audience to focus solely on the 2 subjects. The book and pajamas are also wonderfully painted.


4. The Wedding Portrait

wedding artists uk

It’s very popular for people when ordering a wedding painting to choose to have it painted in a Realist style. Since this is one of the day’s when everybody looks their best. This wedding oil painting is one of our best realistic paintings ever as every fold and crease in their clothes has painstakingly been painted, including the detail in the lace of her wedding dress. The foliage in the background again is super realistic.


5. A Lovely Couple

oil painting commissions

This realist painting is super and certainly makes it into our best realistic paintings ever painted. The town in the background, the shops and houses have all been lovingly hand painted. The couple’s clothes and facial expressions have all been painted in fantastic detail.


6. The Child Portrait

realistic paintings

This Realism style portrait is great, just look at the detail in his jeans! It’s so realistic that one could even mistake it for a photograph, it definitely makes it into one of our best realistic paintings ever painted.


7. The Realist Dog Portrait


I can’t tell you how long this realism style dog portrait took to paint. His fur, the ground everything has been painstakingly captured into this painting. It’s beautiful and certainly one of the best realistic dog portraits ever painted.

8. The Yoga Pose


Wow, just wow. Her muscles and leotard are precisely and realistically painted making this one  of the best realistic paintings ever.

 Realism style portraits

If you’re thinking of commissioning our artist, Sam Banks to hand paint you a realistic oil portrait of one of your family members please email a photo and an idea of what size you’d like to

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